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My LO is still ALL over the place - breech, transverse, weird diagonal, even occasionally vertex I am hoping he will settle head down soon, getting pretty tired of the digging feeling against my cervix!
For me it wasn't the actual *pain* that was the difficult thing, it was simply how long it had gone on and how exhausted I was. I know I could have coped much better if I had prepared myself for the long haul and rested as much as possible in early labor. Believe me, I won't be making that mistake again I agree also that your mindset plays a HUGE role in how you cope. I think one of the big things is to ingrain in yourself that the pain is not damaging you in any...
No way! Apart from all the practical reasons, IMO there is nothing nicer than just making a nest and hibernating with your new little family I wouldn't miss that for anything.
We will definitely have at least one more I don't plan on using any birth control, probably ever again... I didn't get AF back until 17 months last time, and I am not one to get pregnant very easily. I guess we will just see what happens and stop when I get too old (unless I am still fertile well into my 40s, might change my mind then )
I would only buy one bottle, just for emergency use. Breastpump, even just a simple hand model, to ehlp with engorgement or get a freezer stash going. Nursing pillow. A sling is a must-have - I prefer wrap styles. I don't use any bath products at all, but vaseline can be useful. Tons of baby wash cloths and burp cloths - even if you don't use them all straight away, you will eventually Lots of little socks and hats for a winter baby. Um, that's all I can think of...
Quote: Originally Posted by fazer6 Stop them and ask, what are you trying to achieve? Are you trying to help me or scare me. : I would just say "How exactly do you think you are helping by telling me this?" I guess they are just worried about their 'baby' going through this whole big event so far away from home, but really hey need to stop and think before they open their mouths.
Sorry ladies, but I was the same with my last pregnancy and it didn't have any bearing on going into labor at all
Mine is always right on target too, even though it looks HUGE!
People actually laugh out loud when they find out I am only 29 weeks. Seriously, my belly is huge - yet the actual fundal height is just above average for my size I think it's just my weak abs letting it all hang out Oh, and I am also a big weight-gainer - 50lb last time, baby was 7lb 9oz.
Don't you get Gaviscon in the US? Total. Lifesaver.
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