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I will probably wear a thin stretchy tank in the water, and PJs over it the rest of the time (until crunch time obviously)
When it gets colder I am going for Ugg boots, one size too big (I know my feet will bet swollen by then anyway) If you bend you leg at the knee, you can sometimes reach back and pull your shoes on behind you rather than having to bend forward
I definitely had days like that in the early part of my first pregnancy. I think it is normal, and like you said, hormones probably do play a role. I guess you need to be aware if you are having more 'down' days than normal days. Try not to panic, you can't be super-thrilled about anything ALL the time
I don't like men's tanks - they are too 'gapey' under the arms. I love stretchy spaghetti strap tanks for nursing
H1N1, but not regular flu vax for me. I wouldn't be getting either if I wasn't pregnant.
Oh no, poor baby Healing vibes coming your way!
OMG, I did that the other day with some drawstring pants. I was desperate to pee and the panic was setting in before I got it untied :
Ouch. I have had that too, although it doesn't last as long as yours has. I would seriously recommend NOT sneezing while lying on your back
IMO doing the spinningbabies exercises is nothing like having an ECV. They just give the baby the opportunity to turn into a better position, no force involved. If there was a physical reason the baby COULDN'T turn, they just wouldn't work
I was going to suggest sitting on the yoga ball too! Much better for your posture
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