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Sounds exactly the same as me. Sorry, I realize that's not much help...
That made me LOL : It is exactly the kind of thing I would say.
I'm pretty sure mineral oil is not edible...
Well he can probably still flip back and forth pretty easily I used those techniques between 34 and 36 weeks - DS tunred at 36 while I was propped up LOL. Each time I got into the dfferent positions I would feel him stuggle to turn. I used the positions that felt like they made him move the most and it worked.
Yup, too early My MW started panicking me last time when DS was breech at 32 weeks. He turned at 36 and stayed put. This LO is still all over the place - he flips from breech to transverse to head down several times a day.
Well, I am still like a horny teenage boy at the moment LOL, but I can sympathize because I was the same way for at least a year after DS was born. Maybe reducing your national service to once a week might make it less of a chore?
27 weeks, 30lb. Do I win a prize?
26 weeks http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/c...d/DSC_4063.jpg
I think I really dislike your OB How is your fundal height measuring? Are you pretty tall? Have you ever had sugars in your urine? All of these are so much more relevant for me than the (notoriously unreliable) growth scan. She seems intent on freaking you out at every opportunity.
Yup, we do too I can't wait to start shopping / sewing for this little one! We use a variety of pretty much every type of CD - I like to have different choices for the changing weather / clothing / poop habits
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