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Due Date: 12/31 Predicted date of Delivery: Christmas Day or 01/03 Length of Labor: 9 hours Baby # for you: 2 Baby's weight: 8lb 6oz Baby's height: 20"
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.Floyd Also, you don't have to take a baby to a ped just b/c it's a baby. Ped's are specialists, but they're not absolutely necessary. I take my DS to a family practice physician, and the dr. can do everything that needs to be done. If there's ever an actual *reason* to need a specialist, then yes they would refer us to a ped or other appropriate specialist, but not every baby in the world needs to be seeing a specialized...
I would call in if it doesn't seem to be going away. The other day I had this constant achey cramp feeling on one side for a few hours. It turned out the baby was just in a horrible position with his head jammed up against one side. When I lay down he moved and the pain was gone. I think if it had lasted until the next day I would have called the MW.
I am not freaking out at all. TBH, it still seems like FOR. EVER. until this baby is coming. I guess that is because I am due right at the end of the month, but I haven't felt the need to start getting anything ready yet. I may live the regret that LOL
I don't know what to tell you. You don't need to 'embrace' it or even be happy about it - just accepting that the weight is there to grow and feed your baby is enough. Can you stop weighing yourself? I gain a LOT of weight during pregnancy, and last time I didn't weigh myself at all until after 30 weeks. It came as something of a shock when I finally did it though : And I am another who lost all the weight (and more) with BFing. Everyone's metabolism works...
Have you checked out the pelvic organ prolapse thread in birth trauma? I have a slight bladder and uterine prolapse - I only noticed the uterus thing during this pregnancy, and it has since hoisted itself up out of the way I am pretty sure a prolapse can change with your cycle, the same way your cervix moves from low to high. And they don't always occur right after a birth.
It's difficult to say. I always have a lot of BH contractions throughout pregnancy, and last time I would have them in a 5 minute pattern for a couple of hours each evening. It definitely wasn't labor for me, but it might be for you - helpful eh?
I will probably stick to onesie, footed sleepsuit, hat, maybe extra socks. When we go out the baby will be in a wrap under my coat. Our house is not very warm, but I am planning to stock up on extra blankets and hats rather than extra clothes.
I had a fourth degree tear last time. I have read it can be good to birth on hands and knees - slows the process down a bit and doesn't overstress the perineum. And +1 to what everyone else said - breathe the baby down, wait until the urge to push is irresistible, NO directed pushing, NO episiotomy! If you find the thread 'Vaginal birth after fourth degree tear' there is tons of good info in there
Quote: Originally Posted by trinitylou IF your hubby is planning to take time off of work, find out for approximately how long, and schedule them around that. There isn't much point in having all those people there at once trying to help out, plus you need that family bonding time at first anyway. : I hated having visitors after DS was born. I just wanted to hide away with DH and the baby This time I will need to my Mum to watch DS, so I...
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