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Thanks!  I might have found an OB.  My son's best friend mom is an U/S tech and she phoned the OB in her office an told her my dilemma,  She told me to come to her office on Wednesday morning,  Yay!  I now feel 50% better.
I just need some support and good vibes.  I am a newbie to posting in this forum so hello to everyone and congrats to all those that are enjoying there little one at this very moment.  My baby is due 1/28 and still have no OB/GYN; long story posted here.  Worry, fear, etc. has kicked in I am not looking forward to delivery.  He needs to stay put because I won't have help until February and I can't function or be a good mother without 6 hours straight sleep.  We all know...
@sparklett - thank you so much you are great.
Thank you all for the input, as it is truly appreciated. I will be taking a trip out on Thursday for in the flesh views Is it terrible airport noise for places around Ontario? Airport noise will drive me batty? We have summed it up to two ares but DH wanted to know what you ladies have to say about Chino Hills. He wants to add it to the list.
Ok ladies! I saw noothing in Claremont with 4bedrooms or that DH would even consider. Rancho Cucamonga is nearby....What's your say? Is it safe, quiet, affordable?
Thank you thank you thank you. I knew I could come here for help. Off at Claremont and Redlands. Thanks again
Thank you. I had know idea what the commute would be. Thank you for that much it is of great help
Update: DH wants to know your take on Chino Hills? Safety? Air Quality? Currently reducing the list to Etiwanda, and Ponoma? Curious about air quality and Airport noise? DH is being transferred and we r moving from the Midwest to California. The job is in Ontario, Ca. We have NEVER been to S. California. We are allowed to come out to Cali next week to start looking for a place to live. We want a home and neighborhood like here and I don't see that happening there. ...
There is plenty of fluid around the babies and the doctor came in and stated that if she promises to get an epidural (which she forcefully refused prior) that she would start pitocin and vaginal delivery both babies.
My healthy under 25 sister is 35 weeks preggo with twins...everything about the pregnancy was perfect until today they told her that after monitoring the babies and an ultrasound that her blood pressure is a little high, both babies heart rate is over 95 but under 120 steadily, Baby A is head down but baby B has moved from head down to laying across the belly facing her back, she is dilated at 1.5 , she was told that they will induce her today (reasons are because the...
New Posts  All Forums: