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Moving to Family Safety
Good feeling isn't it? Way to go!
I have removed some posts from this thread for violating the MDC UA particularly: Do not post in a disrespectful, defamatory, adversarial, baiting, harassing, offensive, insultingly sarcastic or otherwise improper manner, toward a member or other individual, including casting of suspicion upon a person, invasion of privacy, humiliation, demeaning criticism, name-calling, personal attack, or in any way which violates the law. I am leaving the thread open for discussion,...
The majority of state child restraint laws are not best practice....in most cases don't even meet the minimum requirements for safety. They are enacted by the PTB who don't have a clue.
Please post all recalls here. Please include a reputable link.
If you have a personal issue with a poster, take it to PM. If a member has violated the UA, report it. Thank you. Dallaschildren
removed for violations of the MDC UA. Dallaschildren
Quote: Originally Posted by Kessed So - is what you're saying that all the 'recommendations' are based on 'feel' and anecdotal evidence???? That seems like a nice void of actual information on which to base suggestions as to which carseats to use and which ones to avoid... Car seat manufacturers self certify. NHTSA puts forth the recommendations and the manufacturers are responsible for their own testing. One need only to peruse the...
removed and will not be returned. Dallaschildren
and will not be returned. Please refrain from starting any spin offs. Thank you. Dallaschildren
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