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True! The OP can't see this....this is me on very sleep. I shall move it to Parenting Issues. Thanks! DC
Moving this to TAO. Dallaschildren
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Car seats do not go poof on their expiration dates. They expire due to 2 reasons....one, it is thought that the plastic of the shell begins to degrade over a period of time. The rate of degradation can increase for those who live in extreme climates.....hot especially. Secondly, car seats 7-10 years of age will likely not meet crash test standards of today. Technological advances in crash test studies continue to be released and the recommendations are updated...
Moving to Family Safety.
Please go here for more information: http://www.chiccocarseatrecall.com/
Quote: Originally Posted by ThreeBeans I am 5'8". I had to sit in the third row of my Ford Freestar a few weeks ago for a family trip, and let me tell you that seatbelt did not sit safely on me. It rode up on my hips and was cutting across my throat. What a ridiculous design! Gotta love them vehicle manufacturers. I laugh my butt off everytime I see that commercial for oh...who is it.....heck I don't remember but its got a gal in it that is...
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There are adults that technically could use a booster seat. Heck at 5'10", there are some vehicles where the shoulder belt rests on my neck.
This thread is back. For those that adhered to the UA, thank you. The information shared within it is important, and because the subject has come up before it should be returned. It will however be locked. Please do not start any spin offs. Thank you. Dallaschildren
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