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has been temporarily removed while I clean it up. For those that adhered to the UA, thank you. I will be returning the thread to the board because the information shared within is important, and because the subject has come up before. Dallaschildren
You are likely experiencing lateral lift. Lateral lift is considered an "incompatibility" between your vehicle and car seat. To correct lateral lift, you will need to install your car seat with a locking clip (if you have a Britax convertible seat you will use the built in lock offs) which will "lock" your latchplate and NOT engage your retractor. Locking clips take a bit of finesse to install correctly. For assistance you may want to visit a certified fitting station....
Quote: Originally Posted by Papooses & yes, in my area there are 3 places where low-income families can be provided with brand new free seats as well as the education to help ensure proper use (crashes are the leading cause of death for kids due to misuse: 4 out of 5 kids averaging about 3 misuses) IMO THIS is another area where many local and state agencies fail to provide information....that there are free or low cost seats available to...
I only purchase them after trying to work with owner/management. If I get them, that means X # of dangerous car seats off the market; rather me than someone who doesn't realize the potential danger. While some stores will not promise me they will stop selling used car seats, some have allowed me to put educational literature in the store.
If a store is not willing to work with me despite the information I provide to them, I will buy the seats and destroy them or use them in my classes. It's getting a bit expensive.
This is a good topic with a lot of useful factual information from quite a few techs and engineers. I would greatly appreciate it if everyone could continue this discussion and when posting, do so within MDC UA guidelines. If not, your post(s) will be pulled and appropriate action taken. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Dallaschildren
removed for violations to the MDC UA. Dallaschildren
You can find a certified fitting station to get your seat checked at www.seatcheck.org
Due to numerous violations of the MDC UA, the thread will not be able to be returned. Dallaschildren
has been removed for violations to the MDC UA and will not be returned. We will not host discussions that involve explicit sexual references and are cautious about discussions on volatile topics such as abortion, religion, and race. Dallaschildren
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