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Quote: Originally Posted by grumpybear I thought that techs can choose to NOT be listed on that? not ALL CPST's are listed there. Only those who choose to. : Correct. And proper procedure is for all techs to carry a copy of their CPST license with them to all car seat checks so that if asked, they can readily produce proof of current licensure.
SOOOOOO many docs gives out incorrect advice. So glad to read of your positive experience. Yay!
Hi all, Just a friendly mod reminder to abide by the MDC UA even if said FA was. Um. Wrong. I have removed some posts for violations to the UA. Thank you very much and have a great day. : Dallaschildren
Wal-Marx gives out $ 1,000 community grants every month, in every store. I have applied numerous times at every Wal-Marx in a 25 mile radius of my area and have received many grants over the years. Just fill out their community grant sheet. There is a specific spot to state what you want the grant for so be specific. They are big on giving money to those groups who are non-profit 501 (c) (3) organizations and to those whose donation will benefit the entire community. ...
Any way to see it and put the seats in it before having to make such a big decision? For crash test information on the vehicle, I recommend going here: http://www.iihs.org/ Looked up the Nissan quest and found this for you: http://www.iihs.org/ratings/ratingsbyseries.aspx?id=399
Please post all recalls here. Please include a reputable link.
I have removed a few posts in this thread for violations of the MDC UA. We are not interested in hosting discussions on the merits of crying it out, physical punishment, formula feeding, elective cesarean section, routine infant medical circumcision, or mandatory vaccinations. Please be mindful of the UA when posting. Thank you. Dallaschildren
removed for numerous violations to the MDC UA. It will not be returned. As a reminder, posts that discuss parenting issues related to sex such as breastfeeding and sexuality, teaching sexuality to our children, intercourse after birth, and other such parenting related topics are very appropriate here at MDC as long as they are not graphic. Occasional innuendo and sexual remarks can be okay (though not as the focus topic of a thread) but once it becomes excessive, the...
If you have reputable informational links you would like considered for a sticky, please send them to me via PM and I will review them for possible inclusion. Thank you.
I have removed some posts from this thread in violation of the MDC UA. Please refrain from attacking each other (or any other UAV) or this thread will be locked or removed. Thank you for your cooperation, Dallaschildren
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