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removed. I have reviewed it and because over half of the posts are UAV's, it isn't coming back. Thank you. Dallaschildren
Boo Walmarx. Yeah for kind strangers!
This thread is being re-opened. Posts containing MDC UA violations have been removed. Please be mindful of the UA when posting. Thank you. Dallaschildren
I have removed several posts from this thread for violations of the MDC UA. This is a good thread with good information. Let's keep it open. Thank you. Dallaschildren
Mothering advocates natural family living, including the ancient way of being with babies and children that is known today as attachment parenting. This way is reliant on the inherent integrity of children and the inviolate intuition of parents. This website is a place to safely explore all the aspects involved in such a parenting philosophy. The MotheringDotCommune discussion boards serve an online community of parents considering, learning and practicing attachment...
Car seats are for cars....GREAT article in Mothering mag. http://www.mothering.com/articles/gr...car-seats.html
for violations of the MDC UA. It's helpful to discuss the dangers of restraining a child incorrectly or not at all. It is helpful to provide educational links so that someone reading who does not know how important belt positioning booster seat use is, has the info at their fingertips and can research it for themselves. It is not helpful to personally attack each other or any person on any MDC thread. This thread will not be returning. DC
If your car did not come with a seatbelt for the rear center occupant, then it isn't considered a viable seating position. Do not attempt to restrain a passenger there. Contact your local VW dealer for information on the possibility of installing a seat belt there. More than likely it is not allowed or you would already have one.....
There are only one or two car seats on the market right now that specifically state in their manual it is ok to place them on a shopping cart. Defer to your owners manual. With that said, some CRS manufacturers side step the issue entirely and say something like "Do so at your own risk" or words to that effect in their manual, which I think is dangerous and irresponsible. We recommend placing the baby in the basket portion of the cart. Personally I recommend a sling or...
New Posts  All Forums: