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removed for violations of the MDC UA. Dallaschildren
I posted a letter a long time ago on here, that I use when dealing with crappy insurance carriers. I'll see if I can dig it up and bump it for everyones use. Seems this happens all too frequently. :
I would definately replace it. Insurance companies quite often use this argument to get out of paying a claim. When you are involved in a MVC and the collision meets any one or more of the criteria for replacement, whether the CRS was occupied at the time of the crash is not relevant. Why? Although your CRS harness straps were not restraining anyone at the time of the collision, your CRS shell did sustain possible unseen damage. The CRS (empty or occupied) was exposed...
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removed for violation (s) of the MDC UA. Dallaschildren
Sorry everyone..:...any other CPS professionals notice a baby boom here lately? Holy night! I am averaging 20-26 seats a day! So many kiddos! Um. Anyhow.....an 11 " does not exist. Can't find a one. So the mama ended up switching cars with her partner. All is well. Thanks again.
No time to research.....anyone know off the top of their head.....I need something no wider than 11" in width. Yeah I know....may be downright impossible.
removed for violations of the MDC UA. It will not be back. Dallaschildren
and will not be returned. Dallaschildren
I keep my blinds closed a lot (or just open enough to get a little light). Why? Because that is the number one way potential crooks scope out their next target. You leave your blinds open, they drive by a few times looking in, and they now have the initial layout to your house and have gotten a look at what valuables you've got sitting around. They can also readily see whether you are home or not.
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