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MDC serves an online community of parents, families, and parent, child and family advocates considering, learning, practicing, and advocating attachment parenting and natural family living. Our discussions concern the real world of mothering and are first and foremost, for support, information, and community. Mothering celebrates the experience of parenthood as worthy of one's best efforts and fosters awareness of the immense importance and value of family life in the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DesireeH can you put it "down there?" I looked and they all say "not for XX use" or whatever. LOL I'm a shaver too. I tried waxing once and HECK NO. (Well I wax my eyebrows with MOOM...love that stuff!) But it hurts like heck "down there." I'll stick with a razor! Yup. I put it on, lay down with a good book and 9 1/2 minutes later I'm good to go. It works on my sensitive skin and it is cheap (beats...
removed for violations of the MDC UA. Please refrain from starting any spin offs. Thank you. Dallaschildren
Two words. Magic. Shave.
temporarily removed for review. Dallaschildren
Please refrain from posting any spin offs. Thank you. Dallaschildren
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