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http://hyenacart.com/BagshotRowBamboo/ she's sold out right now, but she stocks every week. http://hyenacart.com/sugarlumpboutique/ http://www.littlelovesbabyboutique.com/store/ and staceyroo on diaperswappers. Amy
If I put ds in anything other than a diaper he wakes up soaking with sweat even if the air is on, we cosleep so I try to keep a light cover over him but he usually kicks till his legs are over them.
I like http://www.wigglewormbottoms.com with a plain pul inner (if you get fabric inner they seem to wick after 1 diaper), she is going to be close till late June though. I have had no problems with my Bummis Super Brite I actually like them better than my thirsties. I also like fleece soakers made from the Mile High Monkey pattern. The ones I bought were from http://hyenacart.com/ButterflyBabyOutlet/ I also found wool interlock soakers from the same pattern for $13...
Quote: Originally Posted by rocketgirl96 I know blue Dawn helps to strip the CD, but I was wondering if it also got out stains. I don't really need to strip my dipes, but I would consider using it in my wash every once in a while to get rid of stains. Thanks, Christine I don't think so. Have you tried sunning them? Just lay them in the sun straight from the washer. It can be overcast out and the stains will still sun out.
Quote: Originally Posted by eliotsmommy Ooh! Thanks for the tip, amym72! That's good for any dipes that don't have elastic, right? The only things I would boil would be prefolds, preflats or flats. You wouldn't want to boil anything with elastic, snaps or aplix. Amy
Quote: Originally Posted by LittleSaylorBoat This is very exciting because I just placed an order for Indian prefolds. I had picked them because I don't have a washing machine, and they appear to need less pre-washing than Chinese. I didn't know they were softer though. Now I am really excited to get them! unbleached Indian still have to be prepped quite a bit, since they are unbleached they still contain much of the natural oils of the...
http://www.mtdiaperstore.com/product...roducts_id=309 Hope this helps someone!! Amy
Swaddlebees and Blueberry are owned my the same person, but they are different, Blueberrys fit a wider variety of babies. Swaddlebees are very narrow in the crotch, makes them trimmer so some moms like that but if you have a chubby baby or one with big thighs they are not a good fit. They fit best for skinny long babies. HTH Amy
I've ordered from them 4 times and always had excellent customer service. If you aren't pregnant yet, wait to order from them, they have a sale 2-3 times a year, they just had them Buy 2 get 2 free last month, but it was on certain ones. I got 2 stuffable aios in the circles prints, 2 pockets in the circles prints and a side snapping minky pocket all for $60 shipped. I have a bunch of the minkys and love them!!! I have 9 OS and three ss. They will probably have another...
GMD unbleached definately. I have some Organic bamboo velour preflats from Bag Shot Row Bamboo but they are pricey at $12 each. Super soft and squishy though.
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