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From one musician to another.....GO! Your kids will be fine. They will make it. Don't lose you! I stopped playng for 10 years when I got married and had kids. I ran into a guy from HS who asked me if I still played and invited me to play at church w him when I told him there was nowhere to play locally. I fell in love with it all over again. I felt like I found myself that I had lost. That day was 9/11/02 I went back to school, finished my degree and just...
clarinets are easy to pick up used for around $100 for a beginner model. It is much cheaper to buy used than rent. Keep in mind though that if they stick with it, you will want to upgrade in 2 years. Please let your child have this amazing opportunity and support them with whatever they want to do with it. Being in a musical ensemble teaches tons of skills well beyond just how to play an instrument. Just do it for him! You will not regret it. I promise you.
The exact same thing happened last week to my Aunt and Uncle with their Odyssey. Their son in law is a mechanic and managed to get honda to pay 50% of it. Not sure exactley how though. So it is definitely worth the fight.
The only movie I know that it was playe with was An officer and a Gentleman
There is no way on God's green earth I would go at this point. She made her feelings clear. My partner would also not go. That is insulting to both of you and my spouse would not allow her to manipulate us like that.
Not sure which Busch Gardens you were at, but I didn't have a bad experience at BG. Granted my son's disability is autism so physically the rides are not an issue. When we got to the park, we stopped at guest services and got their version of the guest assistance pass which allowed us to enter rides through the exit with no waiting. Everyone was as nice to us there as they always are at Disney World. I am so sorry you had such a hard time there. That is...
I have 4 children. The first starts with an S the second with an E...so totally different. Then I got pregnant with twins. My requirement was that the both start with the same sound....some of our choices were Conner and Caleb, Haley and Hanna, Hanna and Hunter.....so totally different names but same first sound. We ended up going with Tyler and Turner. A little more alike than I required, but still had the same first sound. We chose these becuase they were the...
We had to use the CH for a 48 hour EEG and another time for a CT scan. We used the CH to knock him out so they could get the electrodes on without it being too tramatic for him. He was 4 at the time and did not do well when they tried to do it without sedation. My only concern is will they be able to get an acurate idea of the electrical activity when some of it will be depressed be due to the sedation. How long is the eeg scheduled for? The CH worked fine for...
You will feel so much better if you take a shower. Just a quick one, next time the baby falls asleep.
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