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Those both sound really good, although I probably couldn't get my son to eat eggplant. I think we will go with the tofu/spinach/garlic.  Thanks.
My family wants manicotti for Christmas dinner. I don't want all that cheese! Anybody have ideas for a vegan filling? Thanks
Ok then, travel expenses they shall be!
Hi, I am trying to keep track of my spending each month, but some expenses I am not sure how to categorize. I don't want to many sub-categories, but, for instance, would kennel expenses when we are travelling count as a travel expense or a pet expense? and on that same note would meals eaten out when on vacation count as an eat-out expense or a travel expense?  Thanks in advance.
So sorry.
In our house it goes like this: "But I want it" "You know what the Rolling Stones say, 'You can't always get what you want'" I guess the kids believe the Rolling Stones more than they believe me, because it usually works.
I am looking for ideas for some kind of unit study- or even just a book we can read- about the importance of nutrition to sports performance. I have a ten year old DS loves sports, and plays all he can, but apparently hates to eat! I was thinking if he could see how nutrition ties in to sports performance he might voluntarily eat something besides juice and crackers. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
Thank you for your reply. It makes a lot of sense.
Here is the background and then I have some questions- Background- My kid's dad has a 2 yr old viszla/pit bull mix. Never had a problem with him. A week or so ago they got a youngish (1 yr?) dog. I think he is some kind of cattle dog mix. As far as I know they had no problems at his house, were left alone and did fine etc. Tonight they came over to my house to drop off my son and so I could meet the new dog (he is a sweetie). Anyways, twice the viszla/pit mix...
I have been vegetarian since long before any of my children were born. Their father is not vegetarian. I cook veg at home, with the exception of some holidays. DD19 is not vegetarian. DS10 is vegetarian but this might be due in large part to the fact that he is a very picky eater, some tastes, textures and smells really bother him. Also he might be worried how I might react. DD8 fluctuates. She is a total animal lover, so I would think would be more likely to be...
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