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I bought some Aveda cotton breastpads to use, and they felt great... until I actually leaked and my nipples were stuck to the cotton.  It was kind of painful getting them off.  Do all cotton breast pads do this? I was really hoping to not use disposable ones this time around (baby #3), but not if my nipples are going to get stuck to them.
My EDD was 4/20, and this was baby #3.  For a week I was having contractions that weren't leading to labor.  Saw my MW on saturday 4/23 for a prenatal visit and she checked me I was 2cm and 70% effaced.  On Easter (4/24) I was having contractions every 10 mins that felt like labor contractions but never got closer together.  I decided I was tired of contracting every 10 minutes and thought a walk would help them speed up or stop if it wasn't really labor.  I went for a...
Hows it going? Any action for you? When was your edd?    
  lol I've always called them poopspolsions too.  No advice as I'm new to CD a newborn... where are you getting your blowouts? Through the legs or up the back?
I've always used disposable wipes... how do you make cloth dipes work? It just always seemed gross to me because (this is from diapering a toddler) I end up picking up a big mess in the wipe when I change him and it seems that would need to be rinsed with the diaper sprayer too... and the thought of holding a tiny poop covered wipe and shooting it with high pressure isn't too appealing. Also, could I be cheap and just use baby washcloths instead of "cloth wipes?" or buy...
Yay, congratulations! I was thinking about you, hoping that castor oil would do it.  But it seems your MW breaking that extra bag of waters was what did the trick.  What an intense ending to your saga labor.
Last night was ridiculous. I woke up at 2:30 with intense contractions that were one right on top of the other, it felt like transition and I was a bit freaked out.  I went into the bathroom and had a few bm, and couldn't leave the bathroom for a good half hour after.  I was on my hands and knees leaning over my sons stepstool, it was really intense.  I wanted to call my MW, but decided we should try and wait until 3:30 (which at the time seemed impossible).  My husband...
The good news is, nobody has ever been pregnant forever.  Labor dust for everyone! haha I also feel like I'm going crazy just sitting around waiting for my uterus to do something.  Even though I've been trying to keep active, these cx are ensuring my mind stays on "when am i going to be in real labor?".  It's so hard to truly relax and stop thinking about it.
Hoping things get moving for you!
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