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HI, There is an article in today's New York Times' science section about a law suit regarding the vaginal sling (used in the surgery to correct stress incontinence and sometimes prolapse). -Chester
I have this same problem (S.I after the birth of my child). I am debating the sling surgery as well. I have tried many things to improve the situation (LOTS of pelvic floor pt, home pt, pessaries, accupuncture, etc.) When the problem is this bad, I really think the only solution is surgery. I am very nervous about getting surgery. A couple of the possible side effects seem worse than the condition I have now. I'm curious to hear if other (young/young-ish) women have...
Has anyone had surgery for Stress Incontinence (the sling procedure)? I'm considering it after 6 years and trying everything else. If you've had it, have you had any side effects? Thanks.
Has anyone had the sling surgery for Stress incontinence (SI)? This is my last option after trying everything else. I am no longer prolapsed (by the way). If you have had the surgery, what side effects have you experienced?
Thank you!
Does anyone have experience with an underbite that was corrected at a young age (before losing babyteeth)? Was it corrected by using head gear to pull out the upper jaw? Did it last? Was it overcorrected to compensate for later growth? Thanks.
HI, I have tried everything for my Rosacea. I tried many natural remedies but nothing really helped. I was very resistant to taking the antibiotics but it was the thing that finally got it under control. I took one cycle of Minocycline (for a month). I started using all the Eucerin Redness Relief products just after the antibiotics. I think they really help maintain the clear skin. -A QUESTION: Does anyone have rosacea on their nose (bumps?). If so, what did it...
Love it!
Again, Thank you for the replies. It is VERY helpful for me to hear from all of you!
Thank you, thank you everyone!
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