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Sorry for the delay! Was surfing this site when my water popped almost exactly one week ago to the hour! Baby V.C. was born less than an hour later. Whew! No time for meds, so he was my natural VBAC! After a previous 38 wk VBAC w/ epidural and my first Breech 36 wk C section I can say I've done it in each flavor. LOL. He is a wonderful baby. Congrats to all! 8 lbs. 3 oz. (by far my biggest baby by two lbs!) and 19 in. :) Aug. 9, 2012, 3:54 pm, just 2 days before his due...
My first two (girls), I had a tiny belly. This time I am bigger (boy) and already weigh as much as I did at FT w/ the girls. i'm about 7 mos. too. I used to get that "oh, at least you're so small, it isn't painful." Yeah, except that how you carry has nothing to do with the contorting going on inside! Duh! The kids are all normal size! Try not having room to breathe and tell me how "easy" it is to be pregnant! LOL. People don't get it.   To be fair, first girl was a...
My 20 week ultrasound also revealed our son has SUA. I just had a fetal echo cardiogram yesterday and everything looked great. The dr. said there are no concerns at this time, so there is a big breath of relief here. I go back for my regular ob appt. on 4-27 so hopefully that's the last we hear of any of this. I wasn't given any indication of needing additional ultrasounds, but I guess I will hear what my ob says on the 27th.
Man, I hear you. My husband has been on the couch because the 5 year old has been waking nightly and comes to bed with us. My 2.5 year old still wakes nightly and so I lazily let her stay with me at that unholy hour. Husband has to leave so early he for work that rather than risk waking them and me he sleeps on the tiny loveseat. I feel so bad. And our bed is only full size cuz our house is ridiculously small. I feel your pain! Hoping to get them both back in the other...
Freya is cute! Somehere long ago I heard it...a show, a movie...it escapes me. Quite elegant!   My cousin has a Coralie (perhaps Coralee, sp). Similar to Coraline/Cordelia.  
I am so sorry to hear.
So so sorry. Wishing you peace and hugs.
So sorry. Mine was in July. I was only 5 weeks or so, so I didn't need a D&C. It was all over in about 2 weeks, with the worst of it (cramping) being the few days leading up to it and about 4-5 days after. I wish you all the best. My sister miscarried about 10 weeks last year, but was unaware until it was discovered in an ultrasound after she experienced red bleeding. She did have a D&C. Wishing you a very quick recovery physically and in your heart.
I picked up Ginger People Ginger Chews candy in Spicy Apple flavor. Sounded kind of gross, but the other options were plain ginger, peanut and Hot Coffee (blah to me!). They went over way better than I thought. They have a peculiar taffy texture and a surprising warm spice, which again, sounds gross to me. But...they work pretty well in stalling the horrid nausea between meals when nothing sounds good.
Good idea.That works for me too.
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