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Makes me want a girl now...
DS1 only wore the mediums. He PL'ed at 2.5 and they still fit him fine. I just put one on him the other night for bed and he still can wear it (almost 3, around 32 lbs).
I was still with STBX when DS1 was born, but he was deployed during his birth so he physically wasn't there. I had a good birth experience with DS1. He was born in the hospital, but I had a really close friend with me the whole labor and delivery who had given birth before. She acted as a doula. I was sad that STBX wasn't there, at the time, but it was really awesome to give birth with my friend there who had already experienced it and knew what I was going through.
Each has about 5 pairs of pjs. They have one fleece pair for winter, but we live in a warm climate so I don't worry too much about winter jammies and summer jammies. DS1 sleeps a lot in sweatpants and tee shirts too.
DS1 already knows that after putting on lip balm with your finger, you rub the excess on your elbows. I HATE having rough elbows...
I use the Boppy at home unless we are sleeping, then I nurse lying down. I have never brought it out in public though, we just make do without it.
I would put it towards a Le Creuset pan.
DS1 was 7.5 months. DS2 isn't at stage yet.
I'm so sorry. I recently went through the same thing with STBX and I know how much it hurts. It's been about two months now and while it still hurts a lot, it is getting better. Just hang in there
I suppose around 10-11 I would be fine with them flying by themselves. DS1 has flown multiple times since he was born and is pretty comfortable already flying on airplanes, and I am sure DS2 will be the same way.
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