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4 miles away. Takes me 35 minutes to get there and back in my car due to the traffic on campus. No walking or biking allowed.
I got rid of my moby - darn thing was just toooooooooo hot! I didn't like all the fabric that much either. I thought about getting a gauze wrap, a mei tai, or a ring sling, but I am just not sure. Can someone offer advice? I am 5'3, 160 pounds, and I have a LARGE chest. I think it would be impossible for me to nurse in any type of carrier, so it's not an issue for me. I need it for everyday use around the house, and for outings like the park, grocery, etc. Not...
People at my LLL meetings recommend these - http://www.learningcurve.com/breastflow
You are such a strong and brave mama!
I have heard there are a ton of false positives so while I know it is hard PLEASE hold onto hope! On another note, my baby cousin was born with spina bifida and a club foot and you would NEVER know it today. She is 16/17 and gets around like a normal teenager, goes out, rides quads, horseback, etc. She does have to go to the chiropractor maybe once a week or every couple of weeks and when she had her baby boy last year she couldn't have an epidural. Prayers and...
Aww congrats! We have the complete opposite situation. We DTD the on O day so I thought for sure it was a BOY. I went in for a 16 week ultrasound and it 'looks' like a GIRL. We will get the confirmation in 10 days at the gender scan.
Onesies, Sandals, Hats.
Unfortunately, in today's world you can do everything right and still have a high risk of cancer. But, I thought I would mention a couple of other things I haven't seen yet in this thread. -Avoid Plastics as much as possible. -Avoid drinking tap water unless purified. -Avoid washing with chemical detergents - switch to handmade soaps and natural cleaners. -Yearly...
I have a Panasonic Lumix that takes amazing photos. I think I paid 250.00 ish for it and it was the point and shoot camera of the year last year. (I think)
Quote: Originally Posted by oiseau I haven't made it to the end of the episode, but man, this girl is making Farrah look like mom of the year!! Exactly what I was thinking. Farrah is super mom compared to this girl. Sad, really.
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