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I'm so sorry to hear of your miscarriage, cldeshano. 
Congratulations Carmen!! That's lovely news---hope all continues to go well!   I have some leftover supplements that I no longer need --liquid Vitex, some DHEA, and natural progesterone cream. Would love to pass these on to someone who needs them, as they were pricey and I'd hate to just toss them. PM me if interested. I'm not asking any $, just the cost of shipping if you can.    Doing well here! Can't believe my little guy is 2 months now. He's a joy--we all...
I'm finally able to use the computer instead of just my iPod, so I thought I'd post a bigger update.   For those who are TTC, here's what I did/used: I took a b-complex and Vitex to try to extend the luteal phase and even out my crazy-random cycles. I also tried progesterone cream, but I think I shouldn't have because when I stopped, I conceived a month later. My little guy was conceived after a year of no birth control, after having an expired Mirena removed. No...
Congratulations lovetolaugh! Welcome little Levi!
Welcomed a baby boy on nov 3, born at home after an hour of labor. 42 weeks! Thanks for all the support here back in the spring when things felt so tentative. I turned 45 last month...golly!
Hmmm...probably the GMD small / yellow will work then, since DD#1 was 7 1/2 and DD#2 was 9 1/2 lbs.    Nice to see so many other moms with big gaps between kids:-).
Thanks, both those sites look like great places to start.    There seem to be a lot more size options in prefolds than there were 10 years ago. I remember having infant and premium size ones, and that worked fine. Are there advantages to the inbetween sizes I am seeing? I do want to be a minimalist since we do want to give EC a full go.
I long ago gave away all my cloth diaper supplies. We were a pull-on cover, prefolds and Snappis family and it worked well for us, so we want to do it again, but after not shopping for diapers for 9 years, I'm not sure where to get the best deals on quality prefolds, pull-on covers, etc.    We are also planning on trying EC, so I don't need a huge stash, probably just a couple dozen prefolds, a few covers, etc.    Any tips on where folks shop these days, what to...
Almost every night! I fall asleep, sleep a few hours and then am up ~2am or so, usually for at least an hour. What works for me are audio books. I'll put one on, using my phone, and usually fall back asleep within 15 minutes. Sometimes it doesn't work and I have to listen for up to an hour before falling asleep again. But listening to a story keeps me from stressing on not being asleep.
Carmen, I'm so sorry.    Jrabbit, I totally understand the eye rolls. I got that reaction a lot when sounding out friends/family on the issue of having another. But now that I'm actually expecting, I am getting nothing but positive reactions, even from those who were critical of the idea of adding another.    AFM, I'm 31 weeks now and all is well so far. It's harder to be pg at 44, but not actually that much harder than it was at 32 or 35. No complications, knock...
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