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This came to me as a purple wrap, which I stripped with Dharma's dye remover and oxiclean (both totally safe on the fibers) and was surprised to find that this was a terracotta indio.  It looks to have been chopped from a longer wrap, as one side is hemmed with purple thread.  It's an excellent hemming job and the thread is hard to see.   Wrap is in great condition with no issues.  It's a long 3.  I believe it measured a bit over 3.3 meters, but I will verify that...
Well, there's no odor, but the discharge looks thick, but I'm not sure of the color yet.  It's really hard to see or get at, as they really messed her belly button up.  I'll post a picture.  
Hi mamas,   My 2.5 week's cord stump is oozing a tiny bit. It was oozing spots of brown blood and now it's this clear stuff.  It's also fixin to fall off, but is held on by this small, string thing.     It's not red, inflamed or otherwise infected, so what's up with the oozing?  How can I treat it?
Thanks, mamas.  She has croup.  Thankfully, it's mild so far.  Now, here's hoping my newborn doesn't get it.
Thanks, mama!  I'll get her tested.  Did you boys have wheezing?  She doesn't have any, which throws me off.
Yes, there's a lot and only in one eye.  I wiped it away several times and squirted some BM in there.  She's also holding it closed partially, so I know it's bugging her.
Hi mamas,   My 2 yo got her brother's cold a couple days ago, but she had a 102.5 fever and it went to her chest.  He never had those things, so now I'm wondering if it's the same thing.   Anyway, when she cries and takes a breath in, it sounds like a hoarse dog bark (sort of) and her cough sounds bizarre, like choking, The few times she did it freaked me out, but she's not coughing very much at all.  Her voice is also hoarse in some tones.   Anyway, I have a...
What is this?  Can it be treated with just breastmilk?  It just came on this morning.   Thanks!
Ok mamas, I'm sure hoping that one of you have either heard of this or have more ideas on what I can do.   I'm 42 weeks.  I went for my OB appointment today and had my first check.  Well, he had a heck of a time finding my cervix, but the baby's head was RIGHT there.  Well, he continued digging.  He found my cervix facing north.  Not just posterior, but completely curled around to the top.  The baby's head was on my lower uterine segment, causing it to hook around. ...
I'm still using mine at 41w, 2d and it's doing its job as well as it always has.  I have no maternity bottoms, just tops.
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