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I had a similar thing go on for a couple days and then went away. It came back for a couple hours and then went away. Gosh, I don't know, mama! Maybe it's just pregnancy blahs?
I'm not doing classes, but I will be ordering the pink kit, Lord willing.
I haven't experienced it, but I have heard from many, many people that it's totally normal. It's still awful to see the blood!
Yup, though I didn't realize it until I had to switch my kiddo's rooms, complete with plastering and painting. It took me 2 days to recover from 5 days of work. So totally not like me. Plus, there's the BHs, back pain, varicose veins and just general tiredness . We're getting closer, mamas!
Yup, magnesium. My prenatal has 500mg and I take an additional 500mg from a cal/mag. I'm considering upping it more as well. I have a lot of magnesium-related problems when pregnant.
I should preface this by saying I have BH a lot with my pregnancies and they have never changed my cervix. I also have a history of no dilation with hard labor. I drank upwards of a gallon of water yesterday and take plenty of magnesium (1000mg). This all started yesterday morning when nursing my dd. My milk dried up around 18 weeks, but she occasionally tries to nurse. For whatever reason, when she sleep nursed, I started having contractions. Well, I noticed that...
Spinning babies says that if the baby is head down, inversions are fine, so long as you do them no more than 30 seconds at a time, 3 times a day. It's good for getting the uterus in balance. HTH
Yup, here too. I'm not at all like this normally. However, we have some stuff going on that would stress me to the max when not pregnant, so that may be why.
Hi mamas, I've had a rash under my boobs for about 9 weeks. It started out itching so bad that I woke up scratching. I still do sometimes, but it's chilled out. Well, a few days ago, it started having that hurt/itch and is now a raised rash. I've tried monistat, aloe, keeping it as dry as possible and now baby powder. I have no idea if it's yeast, but if it was, it should of responded to the monistat, right? PLEASE, any ideas are so appreciated!
I had that happen with a yeast infection. The weird thing is, I didn't scratch, so it must've been because the labia is swollen.
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