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If you PM me your home address and shoe size, I will send you some new shoes.
With all due respect, I can't even imagine joking about dumping my kids if they were harmed and it's not even clear that she was joking,  Wow.
Does this forum self edit - I keep trying to put C C R in all caps and it keeps changing it!
Texas has rules also - for public schools only, I believe. No candies can be given out in class at all. Also no non-nutritional sweets, like birthday cake, cookies, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexisT I'm not sure you can make them induce. You can refuse a section, and wait for labor. IOW, you can refuse treatment. But you can't make them give you a treatment they don't want to give. They also have the right to refuse to perform an action. Labor is simply what will happen if you keep waiting, so you're not making the doctor do anything by refusing a section. But they have the right to refuse to hook up that bag of...
I much prefer to bleed on free things rather than things I have to pay for, but if you do get some, make sure they are the same style they use in the hospital so they can't whine about something not being right, kwim?
(((Hugs))) I will leave the discussion about your son to the professionals, but this is concerning: Quote: I had a miscarriage last month and I have been drinking since. "Situational drinker" is a vague term. You are an alcoholic. While it may be triggered by stress or other situations, you are still an alcoholic. I'm not going to lecture you about drinking in pregnancy - I'm sure you already know the risks. But you cannot be an effective...
That's effing rotten. Is it your doc's policy, the hospital's policy, or your insurance that is behind the decision? If it is the doc or hospital, maybe you can find one more flexible wrt VBACs to take your business to? If it is your insurance, I would call them and find out more information - vag births are certainly cheaper for them. I'm assuming there are no medical conditions that they are worried about?
Why did you have your first c/s? And was your scar low/transverse or classical? Closer to birth - some questions which may affect you: Is you baby measuring freakishly huge or anything like that? Are you carrying significant extra fluid? Is your BP ok? Do you have GD and has it been well-controlled? I'm on my 4th c-sec (ugh) and there are higher risks associated with some things, obviously. A lot of these risks are completely overblown, but shouldn't be written off...
New Posts  All Forums: