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My dd is 5yo, and I am getting ready to put her in a booster.  We have a Nautilus, but I think I'm going to use that in one of our cars for her younger brother in a harness.  I also don't like how heavy it is to move, and I want something that would be relatively easy to move between my car and dh's.  Talk to me about booster seats, what do you like, what do you hate, how cheap can I go? TIA
I have a couple eating things going on with my kids that totally annoy me.  I mostly try to ignore them, but sometimes wonder if I should just put my foot down and push for a change.   Dd is 5.  She has taken to playing with her snacks.  She likes to chew food up and keep it in her mouth, or hold her beverage in her mouth.  If she is trying to communicate with me while doing this, I insist that she swallow and then talk to me.  With her snacks, when she's outside or...
Um, are you in a place where they are growing this time of year?  The thing is that they will eventually start to bolt (bloom) and they will get woody and not good for eating at that time.  It just depends on what the climate is like as to when that happens.  If your winters are too cold, they will freeze -- here, there is no way to get a beet out of the ground right now -- frozen solid.
Sorry it took me so long to respond to this.  I hope your appointment went well -- if you already had it.   I think maybe sometimes their little digestive systems just take a while to recover from illness.  I suspect that is a big part (if not all) of what was going on with my dd.  Last year my kids were in daycare and sick from November through May with all kinds of things.  Great for immune system building, I guess.   Anyway, I gave dd probiotics three times a day.  I...
Thank you for your response.  Dd is doing better with tummy complaints.  I think some of it was a bug, maybe.  It seems clear now that if I give her dairy she gets tummy aches within a day or so.  So, I think we're going gluten and cow dairy free for now.
Oh, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with that.  Sometimes waiting for the appointments is the worst part -- waiting and wondering.  Big hugs to you.    
Wow, you all have some big boys!  I don't know how tall ds is or how much he weighs, but I'm pretty sure he's under 30#.  He's in 2T and 3T clothes.  He also talks and sings incessantly.   I love how he and dd (5 in Feb) play now.  He doesn't really get the hiding part of hide-and-seek, but they will play for long periods of time with her running away from him to hide at one end of the house then calling to him to find her -- he laughs and runs to find her.  Then she...
I think that's pretty standard.  My kids have only ever outgrown car seats by height.  
It's only been a couple years, but I can't really remember why I did it.  I think maybe dd outgrew her seat rear facing (we didn't have an extended rear facing kind of seat).  I also didn't know how important it was.  I actually did some reading and considered buying a seat to turn her back around but in the end I didn't.  She was 2.5, I think, when we turned her ff.  Ds is 2y 2.5m, and I intend to keep him rf longer that I did dd.
Good question.  I can't say I've tried recently...thanks for mentioning it.  
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