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    This is exactly me.  Intend to bake, but don't, so I would just go over when you think it's a down time for her.  I think you are making it way too complicated.  It's just a 'Hello, I'm so-n-so.  I just wanted to come and introduce myself'.  You have imagined up all kinds of stuff that is hindering you from being simple about it.  I think it's unfortunate that you just moved there and you already seem offended by your neighbor who hasn't done anything.  Okay... so she...
The bandaide does not stay on and is a choking hazzard unless I hold her all day and never take my eyes off of her.  When she goes to sleep I put neosporin on it and then wash it when she wakes.  I'll have to go get some tea tree oil.  I would think a tiny bit wouldn't hurt her if it did get in her mouth??  right now I feel like I am weighing the risks verses benefits.  A little neosporin or tto in the mouth versus possible blood poisoning.
Looking for natural remedies that can go on a baby's thumb.  She is teething and puts all things in her mouth.  She got a cut on her thumb, I think from somebody's bracelet last friday.  Now it  looks like a blister with puss in the center.  Things I have tried: Washing frequently with soap and water. Breastmilk Neosporin Just started last night and not much difference this morning.   Thanks in advance!  Her ped is out of town and she is all about natural...
yep! I have a friend who never lets her children in the bathroom with her.  At first I thought that was a little weird and I wondered how in the world she managed to do that, but now I wish I had done it that way.  Oh well...hopefully by high school they won't want to be with me when i *go*.  LOL
4 year old:  Mama, I don't want to smell your pee pee.   Mama:  WELL THEN GET THE #%$^&*#**#$  OUT OF THE BATHROOM WHEN I PEE!  I'D LIKE GO PEE BY MYSELF ANYWAY....SO SEE YA!!!  GET OUT, REALLY, GET OUT NNNNOOOOOWWW!  BYE BYE.  Don't let the door knob hitchya where the Good Lord splitchya!  Who invited you to be here while I pee anyway?
I am so happy that you are an imaginative little girl.  I know that I fostered this in you and that it is developmentally appropriate at age four... but NO!  I DO NOT WANT TO PRETEND ANYMORE!  I DO NOT WANT TO BE THE DOCTOR, THE LIBRARIAN, THE NURSE, THE DOG, THE TEACHER, THE POLICE MAN, AND I ESPECIALLY DO NOT WANT TO BE YOUR BABY!!!!!  MY BRAIN CANNOT PRETEND ANYMORE!  I MIGHT EXPLODE IF I HAVE TO DREAM UP ANOTHER SCENARIO, really.
i flip my head to foot of the bed to nurse on the other side. it's new baby me 4 year old and dh in tat order  sorrt nak
Thought of another question if you don't mind...   What did Mohammed say or do (other than receive the words from Allah that are now the Koran--not that I am minimizing that, just want to know what else?) that made him special in the Islamic faith?  Would you say he is your main prophet and other prophets' speaking must align with his speaking or else they are false prophets?   I know I can research and read articles and such, but I'd rather talk to a real...
Thanks to all!  Liquesce, what did Jesus prophesy? What was his message according to the Islamic faith?
OK.  So if, according to the Islamic faith, the Bible is not accurate, then upon what source do Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet.  Does the Koran  say Jesus is a prophet?   Is the Koran viewed as the only source that is accurate?\   edit to ask:  Should I spell it Qur'an instead of Koran?
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