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5 prunes a day works
I forgot to say, i second the rec for gymnastics.  Dd is in a class and I have watched with amazement hers and other children's coordination improve drastically.   Also, maybe he just likes how it feels to bump into someone and to fall down...a sensory seeking behavior??
There are lots of spatial awareness games.  It's been awhile since i taught P.E., but one that comes to mind is this:   Play some type of music and ask the kids to walk around in a space that you define for them.  There has to be some boundaries.  They cannot touch one another or bump into one another, nor can they fall down.  Start slowly.  Move around in slow motion.  When you stop the music they have to freeze.  When they freeze you can tell them to freeze with a...
Maybe a little off topic, but my dh is from another country and I was misunderstanding his mom for a week due to a cultural movement of the head.  They do this head tilt, tilting right and left and right and left quickly.  It's not a nod.  It's not a yes or no nod.  It's a quick back and forth tilt, hard to explain online.   In the US this movement means,  "yeah, yeah, whatever...I don't really agree with you, but i guess you are entitled to your opinion".  In his...
Oh wow how terrible.  I can picture it now.  I know you are probably a busy mom, but i hope you can raise awareness of your situation and that the company  actually does something about it.
How horrible!  Do you mean his arm was between the arm rest of the car seat or the arm rest of your car?  I was looking at pics on line of the Evenflo Chase Deluxe and I can't picture how his arm got in there?  The online pics were of the booster style. Is there another style?  Just trying to picture it so I won't buy that kind of seat for mine.  So glad yours is okay.  That must of been so tramatic for him to wait while you sawed it off.  Poor baby and poor mama!
I am fifteen weeks and have had cramping plus spotting and baby is fine so far.  Every pregnancy is different.  Hang in there and try not to worry.  You don't need to stress unless you see blood, and even then it might be okay. 
Must you have olive colored walls?  I mean, that is a bit nit picky, don't you think?     BTW...you really need to post this.  i think the nurses and docs need a good laugh.
I only have one child, but from what i have heard, kids in the same family can be completely different and even need different methods of discipline.  I don't think it will be hard for him to understand.  It might be hard for you to adjust to a new method and try new things.  Maybe he needs more help verbalizing things than your daughter.
In general I've learned it's better to tell them what you want them to do rather than what you don't  want them to do.  For example, sit in the chair or bottom on the chair.  Food goes on the table.  I repeated this over and over.  The repitiion is enough to drive you batty.  The fact that I had to repeat repeat repeat made me think she would never get it, but they do...eventually.   What drove me insane was the need to throw everything on the floor, not just food,...
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