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Anyone know of a natural bath foam? DS got some bath foam for Christmas which he and DH finished in one bath - squirted it on the walls mostly! I looked at the ingredients and they are mostly non-pronounceable chemicals. However, DS is hooked and keeps asking for more bath foam, so I'm hoping someone out there has a better alternative.
I agree - I loved this book - it really got me thinking about mothering and the very real price our society exacts from us for choosing to stay at home. I was particulary struck by her use of statistics to emphasize how badly children suffer after their parents get divorced and the mother (usuallly relatively impoverished thanks to the way the courts figure out alimony/child support) has custody - the standard of living goes way down for these kids (not just financially,...
I'm with lojoma - Ann Crittenden's The Price of Motherhood is hands down a superior book in every way.
That's what surprised me - it seems so intellectually uncurios/lazy of her to decide that natural childbirth is just some unattainable thing and that LLL advocates some unattainable goal for working mothers because there's no way to pump and continue nursing for very long. Very disappointing. On a positive note though, she did do a nice expose of the cesarean rate in this country and of the doctors' motivations in keeping the rate high.
I read it and I had a similar reaction in terms of being very surprised at how little she really gleaned about having the birth she wanted. I've read all of her books and she always struck me as an amazing intellect. I also took issue with her negative descriptions of LLL and of natural childbirth.
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