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When my twins were babies I relied heavily on message boards for adult interaction but having recently been burned that way I am now just starting to really try hard to connect with other parents. I live in a fairly rural area but there are playgroups that meet at the library in the children's section. They have nice toys and the parents are all really nice. I love it there. I'm slowly forging friendships!
I think that for fraternal twins g/g is most common because there are more girls born than boys. Then b/g is 2nd and b/b third. I'm not for sure, though. I'll go get my twins book in the basement at nap time and look it up because I remember reading it in there. I have fraternal girls.
I've always thought the writers of Sponge Bob were : : I swore up and down I wouldn't let my kids watch that show because Sponge Bob's laugh annoys me and I kind of think the show is more for stoned teenagers (that was when I watched it all the time, when I was a stoned twenty-something) but they like it. What can you do? I thought the suds episode was more pro-doctor, though.
You're not alone... of course, it's easy for me since I already have 16 month old twins. Well, I did get ONE thing. I got a pair of booties with little puppy dogs on them for my boy. Other than that I'm going to wait until we're further along.
I voted as well. I support breastfeeding, but I think breastfeeding a school age child is a bit odd.
What?! That just sounds like scare tactics to me.
Hello fellow twin mama! I haven't read all the responses so please forgive me if this is a repeat, but do you think it might be time for cribs? You can get cribs new, used, whatnot- but I know that I had to give up on co-sleeping with my twins at 10 months because they were becoming mobile and I was worried about them crawling out of the cribs that were set up like co-sleepers and then falling off the bed after we put them to bed. They couldn't make it past like...
I have twins and here is the best of the worst. This advice given when they were around 2 weeks old: "Don't hold them unless they're being fed and don't pick them up except for diaper changes. You'll spoil them." "You'd better start cereal soon or they'll starve!" "Are you still letting them sleep with you? You'd better stop or they'll never sleep alone." Well, we did hold them and they're not spoiled. We didn't start cereal at 2 weeks, and they...
My husband has the same reservations about homebirth which is why it's just not going to be an option for me- period. Well, unless the baby comes so fast that I don't have time to make it to the hospital! I am having a hospital birth, VBAC hopefully, and I plan to just refuse any medication. I am also going with a midwife and I have had negative comments made by some but they know me well enough to know that I think they can kiss my butt. : I will refuse an...
My girls have both watched Baby Einstein and I don't limit their TV at all, they can either choose to watch it or not, and they're both advanced. That being said, I don't think your son is behind at all. He could watch TV all day long or not watch it at all and probably be the same little guy. He sounds perfect to me. I don't personally buy the hype that TV is evil, but I might feel differently if I had a child who was developmentally delayed and watched TV as...
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