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I don't care for soured milk products myself. Adding a culture makes such a difference to the flavor. That's my pick.
My flopped meringue cookies are a lot like marshmallows...
I think it's a pretty decent idea if you don't have a better container (and if you get your milk in those cartons).
Truly, I was afraid to open this post. Good question. I am not sure but thought I'd give you a bump.
Good question and good point -- it's all a similar process, but recipes would be good. Apparently Sandor Katz (Wild Fermentation) is working on a second fermentation book to fulfill requests such as this.
I was excited to find this thread and then I see that my own mama is in it. LOL (Then I remembered a three-month-old email from WuWei I haven't responded to )
Mountain Rose Herbs has the best price by far. I've never seen sales or free shipping on coconut oil but they are running a pretty tight ship as it is. In the top left of the MDC site, click on "buy herbs" to go to Mountain Rose Herbs -- that's the MDC affiliate link.
There is a lot of research suggesting that Omega 3s in fish oil meet our need for Omega 3 and reduce inflammation, fight depression, heart disease, and diabetes. I would take the CLO for A and D (if you need them) and fish oil for the Omega 3 (if you need it). Right now I take fish oil. I'm gardening a lot and getting sunshine for the D. I have a lot of A in my diet.
This is where my mom and I agree to disagree. I don't mind the olive oil flavor, but she does. She uses canola oil. :
Soak it in your rice cooker with the amount of water you would cook it in. Report back to us.
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