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Quote: Originally Posted by ltlmrs I have a friend who is religious about eating according to the guidelines of the WAPF and she has had two miscarriages. After her last one she turned to me and said "I feel like a WAPF failure!" and I find it bothersome that someone who is experiencing grief feels guilty from outside pressures. My diet has been very good for some time. In fact, I attribute my diet changes to beating depression in my second...
An added problem with the homemade formula focus is that there is no acknowledgment of the potential risk. The risk may be small but it is there and it's our job as mothers to make our own decision. I wrote something at the Ethicurean on this issue: Raw milk information.
We've gone three times and the bones basically disintegrate. If it works for your kitchen schedule I'd go ahead and do it. I just find that the broth can get bitter if left on too long, especially the second and third rounds.
Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it. It's going to be hard to get a good, regular oatmeal cookie out of it all, though I have made sourdough oatmeal cookies that have more of a bread texture. Oatmeal is kind of tricky with soaking anyway -- soaking oatmeal/phytic acid.
I don't think iron is particularly heat-sensitive, so cooked liver should be fine for iron. Most of the B vitamins are somewhat heat-sensitive but the liver won't be devoid of them. I haven't given my toddler raw liver but I do make a liver/rice puree for him.
We rarely do use meat. I use Mom's bone broth approach.
That sounds really interesting. I will have to give it a try. Thanks!
I've had pretty good luck using water kefir, depending on what the food is. My results are more consistent.
I'm about to heat the grill for the pancakes... Talk to you all later!
I posted before about a "lost road" on our property. On Facebook I asked friends to join me today to explore the road. I have takers! They'll be here in about two hours and we start with sourdough pancakes. Mmmm. After that we hike to the road. The road is a whole creepy affair. Check out the two pictures from the road, both of which are giving me the willies. After all of the lost road excitement, the local children go for a hayride up here in Sequoia National...
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