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Frederick and I are going down there this afternoon to put out various food types -- chicken, bird seed, and spelt. It just rained so we should be able to see animal footprints. We'll go back Friday to see what's been eaten. Amanda
Our house used to be the scary abandoned house everyone would dare everybody else to run through. It doesn't appear to be haunted now, but I just wrote about a discovery on the property that's a little creepy. Amanda
I posted about our first venture onto that road. It is pretty scary down there. It would be something to have a big Halloween party that explores the road at night, but I don't think I've got the guts.
No sooner did I post this yesterday than all hell broke loose and I never got back online. : At this rate, I'll get to 5,000 in about three weeks. Thank you, ladies for the compliments! I am going to see if I can find a post on the history but the short version is that my parents bought it in 1982 for a song. The poor has has not been well cared for over the years. It was abandoned twice it seems. Locals stole fixtures from it. My parents operated it as a retreat...
Hi ladies. I just noticed that I'm just about to 5,000 posts, so of course I must post about it in TAO. In the run up to 5,000, I thought I'd post about a discovery on our 5 acres property -- a road. The property has been in my family since 1982 so you'd really think we would have known about it before now, but in fact, I discovered it last month. Here's background and I'm getting some pictures from our first time on the road. I shouldn't be surprised. We don't...
I'm excited that you discovered those deficiencies. You should feel a noticeable difference probably by now if you started on supplements right away. Maybe your next step will be more clear when you have even a bit of energy for it. Amanda
If you think you might be at risk, you probably are. In my second pregnancy, the whole thing was structured to avoid what we went through in the first. It worked out. The success story in my sig describes the key things that I did. (It's pretty long, sorry) Amanda
I took Unisom postpartum. I didn't have serious sleep issues but when I had a few bad nights, I took it to nap or took it the following night, more for insurance than anything. Poor sleep is a big factor for me in slipping into the pit. I asked my midwife about Ambien. She was willing to prescribe it but said that depression is a side effect. If you can get by with something more mild, you might try that first, but I would definitely try something (acupuncture is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by New_Natural_Mom Your white paper and response were incredible....are you interested in digesting all the lit about vaccines? I think you would be perfect!! Someone should do one on the vaccines for sure. Someone else.
It's too bad they couldn't provide toddler care (at a higher cost) and allow newborns in slings in the back of the rooms. I can appreciate the problem of having a baby at a conference. Personally, I don't go out as much because it is just a whole lot of trouble. Has anyone been to a LLL conference? There are serious numbers of babies there. Amanda
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