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In my first pregnancy and postpartum period, I had a hard time staying in front of my need for B vitamins. Baby needs a lot and stress itself eats them up. I would definitely supplement. It's actually hard to find a good quality B complex. The Internet is definitely going to be your best bet. Tell us what tests you took. I assume they have confirmed you are anemic and apparently they have evidence that it's B vitamins. Were your iron results good? Amanda
I posted my "Top 5 meals of desperation." Some of them may give you ideas. Is there any chance you can get some extra of that deli meat for your first few weeks? Your husband is already experienced and, really, there is no eating that is quite as desperate as that first month. Amanda
I posted my "top 5 meals of desperation" during my postpartum period. How about scrambled eggs with a bit of Romano and olive oil on top? Have your partner prepare meat strips of some kind and have them over rice and beans for lunch (maybe some tomato if you're lucky)?
Quote: Originally Posted by eastkygal My DD2 was 11 pounds at birth and I did not have GD and my daughter did not have diabetes. I have never had diabetes. Some folks just make them big - thanks. That's really the point -- some make them big, some make them small, independent of diet. Maternal diet surely plays a role independent of genetics, but if I were to have an 11-pounder, it likely would be a bad sign because I tend to make them small...
It is so easy to become a food reductionist. The fact is that it is so hard to be healthy in this world and a table full of good food provides no guarantee, though it does help. In my second pregnancy, I dodged the depression bullet and I know diet was a major factor (particularly the good diet in the 6 1/2 years between the pregnancies). However, my second child was born with club feet. I was in denial about the diagnosis -- How is it possible to have club feet with a...
If it's cold enough to freeze, that would be my best guess. It does tend to get a little yellow and overflow.
Good luck pregnant mamas!
Was there much of an equity relationship with the dairy? Some herd shares seem more equity-oriented than others and I wonder what happens when they are ordered to stop. Is some part of the equity redistributed? Just curious.
Were you in the herd share associated with the outbreak or did a second herd share also get closed down?
You gals work fast.
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