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Interesting about the OV role. We haven't had that dynamic here. Thanks for the info.
Quote: Originally Posted by Panserbjørne 7 years here, 5 years since the thread started, two changes and not a lick of depression. I'll take it! Congratulations! (really, only two changes? LOL) For me, it is four years since a down cycle. I got through a pregnancy and newborn period in that time with one challenging week or two when baby was going into surgery. None of it is easy but I would do this pregnancy twenty times over instead of...
Quote: Originally Posted by YummyYarnAddict Of course, that "outbreak" was all about demonizing raw milk. DATCP failed to report that all of the raw milk samples from that farm tested negative....All of the cows tested negative as well. Do they report that? No. I am way out here in California so I really have no idea what's going on there but am really interested in the politics of it all. News reports do suggest that there is very strong...
Depression in pregnancy seems to be more and more recognized. I had it eight years ago and it was as if no one had considered it before. Treatment is going to be similar to PPD there are just some antidepressants they will prescribe postpartum that they may be more conservative with in pregnancy. I got through my second pregnancy without an issue with a whole combination of strategies -- taking care of myself generally speaking was the core of all of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by KatSG Does anyone else think this thread needs to be restarted so those who are feeling overwhelmed with life don't feel overwhelmed with the amount of information in the thread? Truly. This thread is old and long. The OP has had about four different user names since then. I will *try* to go through some of it, but for goodness sakes, if anyone else wants to, please do so. There have been spin-off discussions on...
I've lost contact with toraji. If anyone knows where she is, could you hook us up? I haven't seen her here in quite a while.
Paula -- That's exactly what I was sitting here thinking about. Great possibilities. I love it!
I really recommend using a sourdough recipe for something like banana bread. I have had good luck with 100% whole grain breads this way. I have a phytic acid e-course on my site (which is under construction) and now a more extensive digital paper which walks you through the issues with the different grains and legumes. Here's a link to the paper but it takes you to the e-course too: phytic acid.
I posted my top five "meals of desperation" when I was about 3 months postpartum: postpartum meals.
Honestly, in this economy (and really any time), I wouldn't throw any of this away. I agree on the yogurt and kefir. On the yogurt, if you have some money for cream (I don't know if you can buy regular cream with food stamps), you could add it to skim milk before culturing it for yogurt. Cream top yogurt is really exceptional.
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