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Great ideas. We store in plastic too for the same reasons. However, I had no idea you could get 4 gallon glass jars. Interesting. We have a lot of gallon size glass jars -- old pickle jars.
I would be interested to hear how the political climate is there. When that outbreak was announced a couple of weeks ago at a small herd share, the rumor was that a lot of WI herd shares were being pounced on. It sounds like it's OK?? Congrats on the find -- it sounds like a lot of goodness in one place. Amanda
They could be the same. They are all good. Here's my mom's take on bone broth and vegetable broth.
Quote: Originally Posted by ZoeyZoo There is a farm in CA called Organic Pastures that will ship milk as pet food but I don't know if that will pass customs. That is how they get it across state lines in the US in states where it is illegal to sell it for human consumption. They were indicted for shipping raw milk across state lines. It was officially et food, but they were too open about the human consumption aspect. In the court settlement, OP...
Mine is very exciting: http://twitter.com/amgrose
I signed up. Thank you!
My son is older and does have undercooked egg, but we have different circumstances than most. I wrote about this on my blog: Why I don't worry about raw egg Why I *do* worry about raw egg
I'm with you 100%. I'm not going to try to make you feel better (though this is a big accomplishment). It's absolutely one of the worst feelings to let it go and put it out there. I've published in peer review journals and have a non-fiction book almost in print and I have a very difficult time letting it go. I could not read the final proof because I know I would have found 700 things to change and yet I can't do a rewrite.
I would remove it and keep the starter if the starter smells good. If the starter ends up being a problem, I would make a starter using yeast (basically flour, water, yeast and about 12 hours) and use that in the sourdough recipes. Perfect the other stages of bread-making, then experiment with starters. My method: Two cups flour One packet of dry yeast stirred in to flour Add enough lukewarm water (~body temperature) to make a thick batter Place your starter...
There was about a three-minute period back in 1982 or 3 when "wrap-around pants" were in style. I had a pair of wrap-around shorts that matched my bathing suit. They didn't have a waistband at all, but were made from one piece of fabric, frankly not unlike the shape of a diaper. You put the front on and tied it to your waist -- the tie would go on your back. Now you have fabric hanging from your waist. You put the rest of the garment through your crotch area. The back...
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