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Congratulations estercita! That is wonderful news. Quote: Originally Posted by crazycandigirl It is so hard to think clearly or about the future when you can not sleep. It feels like it is always going to be a life of being exhausted, sleepless and feeling so alone. I also find that I get really worked up and scared to even try to go to sleep, because I am so sure that I will not be able to sleep. Insomnia really does drain the color and joy out of...
Thank you ladies! I feel very fortunate.
Frozen banana gives it a great texture and you can add whatever fruit is in season and cheap for extra goodness.
Amazing! I am going to try this just to check it out.
That should work. No problem assuming the starter got started.
If you don't refrigerate it, it will culture (sour), so it depends on what you want. I conducted a survey of raw milk activists in the spring and there was actually a person or two who heat their milk. Heating it does kill the beneficial bacteria and they knew that. They were buying raw to support a local farmer and then they boiled it to make sure it didn't have pathogens. That surprised me since most raw milk consumers risk the pathogens for the benefits. Here are...
The lamb probably got more grass, but I can't speak to the strong flavor issue. That sounds like a big price difference too
We tend to wash dishes as we cook so we end up with a small mountain rather than a big one. It's totally true, though: You clean the kitchen and it just gets dirty again. One thing about eating is that you have to do it pretty regularly.
One of my favorite topics! This recipe is my favorite -- flash cooked liver. Here's a graph with some of the vitamins and minerals in liver, and this shows the Omega 3 fatty acids in liver.
I was around when this thread was first posted and have added nutrients and suggestions here and there. I just wrote a retrospective post on my recent pregnancy. It links to some of the nutrient information that people are finding successful here but also talks about other lifestyle-like changes I made to avoid depression this time around: Second baby I can't keep up with the OPs username.
New Posts  All Forums: