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If lime is an ingredient, it has been soaked in lime. I don't associate any taquerias around here with health, but you will find me there on occasion, eating whatever bad oils go into those tacos and enchiladas. The sprouted corn tortillas are really good tasting, but as a staple food they are a bit pricey. I can't eat a lot of corn, so I do buy the sprouted tortillas on occasion when I want a fix.
It sounds really good Doc. Let us know how it was.
Nixtamilization will break down some of the phytates, but it's hard to break them down in corn in general, so tortillas will still have a higher level of phytic acid. The alternative is to soak them in acid after the lime soak with a rinse in between and then make your own tortillas. This seems like a bit much especially if you put carne asada in that tortilla -- the meat will have a high mineral content and actually helps reduce the binding effect of phytic acid. And...
Sander enables me. I take pictures and he puts them on the computer. I have no idea how. I keep intending to learn but I always feel too grumpy and rushed when I need the pictures off the camera. It's not a "learning moment" as they say. So I've gone years without a learning moment.
Hey jiva! Welcome to the forum! There are studies on cancer and phytates and, who knows, they could be used therapeutically in the future in some circumstances. But the most known property of phytates is that they bind to minerals and inhibit their digestion. So if you are concerned about your mineral status, you should reduce the phytates in your food. On a vegetarian diet where you are relying on grains and legumes for iron and zinc, these strategies are more...
Quote: *10/2005 Size 14 - 10/2006 Size 8* How did you do that?
Quote: Originally Posted by MyLittleWonders If there are any others in her area that are interested, they can do it as a co-op, where it's $5.50/half gallon. Otherwise, you have to add shipping to the $10/gallon, which for us, still works out to cheaper than Wild Oats prices. Is it shipped or dropped off by the driver? In Bfield, they have a driver who does home deliveries. They had a delivery fee of $5 in the summer. We were always a...
She can order from Organic Pastures. They do home deliveries and you will pay under retail. They were at $10/gallon for home deliveries, but may have increased a bit. So it's very expensive, but it is good quality.
The butcher should be able to walk you through what you need. We did this over a year ago and I said things like "I like hamburger." She asked a series of questions and hooked us up. We ended up with too much round steak -- it should have been burger instead. Live and learn. I posted in this forum about hanging time. I can't remember the responses -- 2-4 weeks or so. It will be longer than usual if the calf has not been grain finished for a couple of months. ...
It's still up and my mom and friend Jennifer got video footage. We'll figure out how to post the footage in the next day or two if it turned out. I'm likely going to be in the area tomorrow, so I'll take some more if this footage isn't very good.
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