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Hyde, I'd be doing the hotel too...that seems like a good solution. It's hard when our significant other doesn't get it. My husband is super smart about many things...but some things that seem so basic he just doesn't really realize on his own. I'm glad your DH is mostly understand and I hope he comes around on this for you!
Benji has gone from have 6 to 8 poops a day (the first few weeks), to 2 or 3 poops and now just recently we are on day 4 of no poop. His poos are yellow and seedy. I remember my DD would go 4 or 5 days and then have a very big poop (when she got older she would sometimes take her diaper off and leave me a surprise on the floor eeeek!).   I have never been diagnosed with food allergies but there are foods that I am sensitive to/don't digest well and when I get stomach...
Right now I have a Moby and an Ergo with the infant insert. The Ergo I find too bulky for getting things done while wearing him inside...maybe when we don't use the insert anymore it won't seem that way. Up until today, Benji didn't like being in the Moby. Maybe it was because I had to get good at using it again after not using one for many years. He has been wanting to be in arms a lot and he wakes up from his naps too quickly if he isn't sleeping right next to me/on...
I just joined the facebook group and added all of you also. I will still be hanging around here too though, since I definitely want to stay in touch with those who aren't on facebook as well!   Benji just got through his 6 week growth spurt. It was super tiring for me. I haven't been at the computer much because it hurts to be sitting and typing - my neck/shoulder is killing me! It's been sore and stiff for about 4 days now. My sweet DH has massaged my shoulder...
I'll definitely would love to see this group continue - whether here or on facebook or whatever. I haven't been posting as much because I'm just so foggy minded lol. I read all the time and have been posting fairly short  replies. I've been feeling pretty low the last few days, I could maybe even say mildly depressed. I'm sure some of it is postpartum hormones, some of it is sleep deprivation - although my sleep hasn't been too bad. I think it has to do with the health...
Amysue...awww, that pouty face is precious.
Katt, love the knits! So adorable :)
        Thanks Katt...I do think I'll be printing this one and framing it actually :)
Jend, sounds like a growth spurt! It happened at around 3 weeks for us, and then again the past two days (at 5 weeks also). 
Read your birth story in our DDC group already, but wanted to check out your story here too. You wrote your story very well, and its beautiful. I love the photos too. :)
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