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  Yeah I was pretty floored that she said that. It's such an odd situation with her, most of the time she is friendly and professional but once in a while something like that will come out of her mouth. It's not like the main walkways were blocked or anything...I really don't think having some boxes at the foot of the bed is a big deal....certainly don't think its unsafe to have the way to my clothes closet blocked! Perhaps in her 35 years as a midwife she has seen it...
Congratulations, that is so wonderful :) And I love the name Harper 
Congrats Alli, I'm so glad you got your HBAC! What a relief to have the milk in and baby happily getting mama milk now. I'm glad you are feeling better, too.
Congrats! She is gorgeous
I have just been lurking a lot. I have not been sleeping well, can't sleep at night - take random naps during the day. The midwife came for the home visit yesterday morning. 1cm dilated, 50% effaced, and baby's head at -1. We are getting ready to move and reorganizing/decluttering. When she saw my bedroom she said if we had to call an ambulance they might call children's services for having a birth in a dangerous environment. WTF? It seriously wasn't that bad, I had a...
Congratulations! Welcome to Dexter, omg he is so adorable. You did a great job mama 
*Sigh*. It seems the closer I get to my due date the more emotional I feel. Unfortunately it seems DH is becoming less understanding and has been a completely rude $%&*%&$*%&*$&$*!!!!!!! for the past three days and it is not a good combination 
He's so adorable 
That's exciting Maman! I have tried finding my cervix several times this pregnancy - but even the midwife when she checked me 3 weeks ago said I was "high and dry" lol - so I guess it was fairly posterior. Well, I'm pretty sure I found my cervix for the first time last night. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm feeling but its very mushy/soft and low.. and I did not have to go very far in to find it, which I think means that it is now anterior, right? It seems promising...
Congrats Miranda and welcome to James. Feel free to post a picture when you are able  You did a great job! My first birth was quite painful (very bad back labor) and I also had more than just a passing thought of transferring for an epidural, but had great support and got through it (in thankfully a relatively short 8 hour labor lol). And a heart shaped placenta - how awesome!
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