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I can't really participate in any other threads on this site knowing that we're not allowed to discuss the news of the day, and a pivotal moment in our nation's history. Anyone else with me?
no way. I love my apron-wearing 80-year-old mother dearly but wearing an apron would make me feel 80 years old, and I can't do it.
Friday Night Lights is awesome. Available on Hulu.com, you don't even need the DVDs!
I weaned my ds at 20 months. and I would describe my weaning technique as "just hang out and wait for an opening". The last to go was the before-bed session. The routine was: read two books, nurse, then read three books. One day his nap got screwed up and he only slept for about 10 minutes. So I decided that would be the night we would stop nursing. I just read him 5 books in a row and he was sooooo tired that I sang to him and put him to bed.
I'm going to vote for a train set. A friend's dh just got some train stuff for their 2 and 4 year old daughters... they play with it *all* the time! My friend was pleasantly surprised, she thought it would be too "boyish" for her girls. And that way you'll have something already up and running when your ds becomes interested in trains in about a year. If you don't like Thomas, Brio makes a lot of nice stuff that's more affordable. But train stuff in general is kind of...
What worked for my older son at that age was to stop formally trying for a nap. Instead, I'd put on his favorite music and he would lie down on the couch to listen to it... he fell asleep about 50 percent of the time. The other half of the time, he wouldn't nap and he'd muddle through until an early bedtime.
No way, because of the sun exposure issue. I have a strong history of skin cancer in my family so my kids and I always wear swim shirts. I like them better than just sunscreen.
I love this show. I thought the Mormon woman living with the two gay dads was fascinating and heartbreaking. She admitted that they were great guys doing a wonderful job of parenting their boys; yet she didn't believe they should have the right to parent those boys. Huh? I don't agree with her AT ALL but you could really see that she was having some inner torment because her personal feelings towards the dads coming up against her strict Mormon beliefs. And those...
ripping cardboard. Making huge face right now, can't stand it.
My 4yo has only a passing interest in toys. He likes: carboard boxes, toilet- and paper-towel rolls, sticks, string, kids scissors, tape... you get the picture. He likes to take things apart. In our case, ds' attendance at preschool has not made him want anything, toy-wise.
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