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Ds3 is about 3 1/2y. He has a craniofacial defect that makes it harder to breath at night, similar to a stuffy nose with a cold, so he sleeps poorly (sleep study shows abnormal but not really anything fixable or dangerous--surgery to correct his nose won't be until he is a teenager--just "annoying"). He is restless and wakes frequently. He still take a full bottle, thickened with cereal for swallowing issues, about 4x a night. When I have tried to wean by watering...
OK, paper filing is annoying but worth the giant 2 adoption tax credits we have. I almost cried reading that--dh was laid off a couple of months ago, and is working now as a contractor, but a paycheck is weeks to months away. ETA: You seriously just made my weekend!!!
My kids eat it baked and mashed with a little honey or maple syrup and butter, like we eat winter squash. Also, as far as the jack o lantern pumpkins being watery, my grandaddy used to strain his pureed, baked pumpkin with cheese cloth (set over a large bowl) if it was watery, so you should be able to do this with jack o lantern pumpkins as well. I'm sure he used the drained of liquid somehow, but don't know. In his veggie stock maybe?
DS1 wore smo's (they come ankle high, not all the way up) and we had great luck with Stride Rite and Skechers. He still drags his feet some while walking and although he has pretty much outgrown Stride Rite now he still tends to end up in Skechers. They are nice and wide, and the insole comes out pretty well if needed.
Do you know if you have been laid off (and we have the letter saying so) if they will still count the past 6 weeks? There was a steady decline of income over them, but as of Wed, dh will be unemployed...
So that's why my 3 month free member ship is in month 7 It has been a great deal for me because my textbooks are cheaper even with paying shipping, even better without!
That was the way I read the link, too. I just haven't seen anything definitive from IRS, so am still somewhat hopeful. Shh, but Rick is open to another adoption in a few years if the budget can handle it and we are both employed and making enough money. The two credits we have wasting away would make a HUGE difference for us
So has it been decided if the carry forward will be refundable yet? I read so many conflicting stories, and the way the law is written into the Health Care bill, it could be interpreted either way.
So glad she is back to herself and that it was quick. I hope that it fixes the problem and she doesn't lose her speech gains. Been thinking about y'all today
Yes, my concern is for viral shedding--me being contagious--since he is completely nonvax. He also has respiratory compromise (dysphagia--he aspirates), so the potential is for him to get more sick than others.
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