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I'd like to find a pox party in the MN/WI/N Iowa area in the next few months as well. :)
I also e-mailed this contest to some friends.
Oh my 2 year old would love LOVE a Strider. I've only heard good things about these bikes. I like Strider and already was following Mothering on FB. Thanks for the contest!
I just saw someone posted a week or so ago about chick pox in the cities. This thread is a bit old, but come late spring/summer I'm looking to do the same!
If you are interested I could refer you to my homebirth midwife LeAnn.  She is out of Winona which is 30 miles from La Crosse.
I have a quick question. Is there another forum where people regularly post if their children have chicken pox? Timing is everything and now is not the time for us, but later this summer I would like to find someone with it.    
Hi. I am wondering if I will have a supply problem if I leave for 3 1/2 days without my DD who is still nursing. Unfortunately, it would be out of the question to include her on this trip. To give a little bit of background history I have a 17 month old.  I am not planning to wean until she is 2.  I have not pumped with her.  She stayed home with me for the first year and I went back to work when she was 12 months. At this point, I am gone 2 full days a week and the...
As a dog owner and a neighbor of other dog owners whose dogs also bark I thought I would pipe in. Talk to your neighbor and let them know the dogs are disturbing your children's sleep. Especially if the owners are gone they may not be aware of the extent of the problem. Our dogs got a lot more barky once we had kids and we didn't know how bad the problem had become (since we were gone while they did it) until our next door neighbors let us know about it kindly. We...
I totally agree with people here... highly recommend Natural Childbirth The Bradley Way and skip the class esp. if $ is tight.
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