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  I love Remus.    I am about 75% sure we are going to use it. We love it, it's unique, has a good meaning etc. And you're right, it just becomes their name. My MIL HATED Keagan (my son's name) when we announced it. Even "accidentally" pronounced it as "Kegel" to make a point as to how awful she thought it was. But a few months after he was born, everyone, MIL included thought that it was a good name for him.    I love Charlise and I don't think that Pivoine is...
I do worry about the HP association, but I wonder if it will go unnoticed by many. As he's not a main character or even in all of the books, I kind of hope it might not scream Harry Potter at most people. Maybe I am being too hopeful though. It is such a cool name- the brightest star in the night sky... I mean how great is that? But more than worrying about what people think of me, I don't want him to be teased for it. 
I did not want to find out this time. It's our last and I found out with my other kids. But hubby really wanted to know and both kids were really set on the baby sharing their genders... so we found out. And I am glad. Because DD is PISSED that this baby is a boy and it's better that she is so mad now and not when he gets here. She has gone from flat out irate to irritated, so we're getting there lol. 
How out there is Sirius? We keep coming back to it. I like it, I just don't know how others perceive it. 
Thanks everyone.  Part of art could be his delayed motor skills. I try lots of mediums and he is just not into it unless it is messy and then it isn't the art, but splashing paint ect that he likes.  I think we'll keep trying here and there, but the poster who said that if I push him too hard he will end up really hating it all has it right. The more I try, the less he wants to be involved with it. It's good that his sister is just a few years younger (and loves...
My son turns 5 in April. He's really bright, possibly gifted, and also has Asperger's as well as other neurological issues.   He reads really well (several grade levels ahead) He does math really well for his age. He knows a ton about science.    But he hates art and literature (prefers to read scientific based books)    Is there a reason I am not thinking of that I should be pushing this kind of thing on him? With his Asperger's, this is never really going...
My daughter's latest name suggestion (she'll be three next month) is "Hairy Screeching Bat."
I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling baby move for a few weeks. I felt it early with my other two as well. DH and DS have even felt some kicks from the outside :) 
None. Everything said I should be having a girl! lol 
Can you update to say that my baby is a BOY? :)  Oh and they moved my due date awhile back to the 22nd. :) 
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