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I am so sorry. I hope that your placenta moves to a better spot asap! 
I was totally craving eggs with lots and lots of cheese. And had happy plans to make them for dinner. Only when I went to the fridge to make them, we were all out. I feel like someone cancelled Christmas or something. BOOO. 
Well I am just looking for boy names now! I loved my girl name and can't get to a boy name that both hubby and I like, so of COURSE it's a boy! lol.  Right now we're thinking maybe Silas. Hubby really likes it. I am so-so. We'll see if I warm up to it. 
Schools get money allocated to them based on attendance, so some people find it unfair to not send any child to public school because that is one less child therefore one less payout. Though with overcrowding etc I am not sure I really can agree with that mindset. 
Could you glue magnets together to make larger numbers?
My kids are both really excited. I get emails from babycenter and I always tell them what they say , IE "The baby is as big as a lime this week and has fingernails now!" or whatever. (I don't even think those are the same week lol) My son especially is interested in fetal development and I have been showing him whatever I can find that is appropriate for a four year old.    My son wants to be there for the birth (homebirth) and my daughter says she does not. I don't...
Thanks everyone. 
My son really wants to learn more about how babies grow inside their mamas. Part of this sparked from a study we did about chicks growing in an egg and part of it is because I am pregnant, so he's naturally curious about how it all works.    I am trying to gather info for him, videos, activities, books etc, but he is young (will be 5 in April) though advanced. A lot of what I am finding is geared towards adults, so it's a bit much for him. Has anyone studied fetal...
We mailed ours out today, so you should be getting your cards from TX soon.I'll have to apologize for my handwriting, I had a neurological episode last month  that affected my right side that I am still healing from and my handwriting is not quite up to par yet.  But it's still slightly better than my 4 year old, so I did it :P   
Not cool. Insurance just denied my zofran refill stating I could only have 54 pills every 63 days. WTF. The frickin generic is nearly $40 for THREE PILLS. I can't afford that. The midwife is calling in something else, but it is supposed to make me drowsy. UGH. And I don't know if they will even accept it. I feel like crying. Every bit of food I have tried to eat today has come up.   Oh and my washer broke beyond repair. Not a good day. 
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