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I've been doing some of this without having a name for it. My son is deeply interested in dinosaurs and we've been researching them at every moment for about 9 months. This has spawned a book he's making of his dino research, fossil hunting trips, trips to museums etc.    After looking around the site a bit, I am really intrigued by the method and may be implementing more of it in our home. 
My mom calls my kids "her babies" but it does not really bother me. She often states "I know you're the mama." etc. It's just a term of endearment to her. But if she really had the attitude that my kids were hers, I would have to have a talk with her.    I would worry about the competitive attitude towards the other grandparents though. My IL's pulled this starting from the first day they met DS. They were out of town when he was born and he had a complicated birth...
Duplicates.... I would try to return those as well. My son's first Christmas he got THREE rocking horses.I had no problem donating two of them. 
Those who send gifts usually send them unwrapped, so I could sensor if I wanted to, but it has not been an issue. Though if a gun showed up, it would not be given to my kids. That's our only rule. 
I encapsulated mine last time and I felt great while I was taking it. I really sprung back from the labor/pregnancy so much faster than I did with my son. 
Oooh Greek yogurt. That too. I have been eating honey Greek yogurt at every chance. mmmmmm  
Meat. And I am usually the kind of person who only eats it a few times a week. I ate beef tonight for the first time in years.    Also, melted cheese in any form. Pizza. Nachos. On top of a turkey burger (oooh meat AND cheese lol!) However I can get it, I want the melted cheese lol.    And sweets sound gross to me. Which seems so odd because I am the kind of person who has to use all my willpower to not buy a candy bar every time I got to the store. Now it just...
I am grouchy too. I feel bad because my poor kiddos are already getting less of mama because I am so tired and nauseated and then today I kept snapping at them :(  I am going to have to try to not let the preggo grumpies take me over.   I am flying tomorrow, alone with my 2 year old and 4 year old... and my morning sickness. Wish me luck, I am pretty darn nervous. We fly a lot, but this is just not going to be fun. 
At the store the other day the cashier asked me how many kids I have. I told him two and one on the way. He said "Congrats.... I guess. I don't know how I feel about children."  not really directly related to my parenting but a pretty odd comment. 
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