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We announced on facebook last night with this pic :)
I am homeschooling my 4.5 year old. We're doing Moving Beyond the Page's 5-7/k-1  level and he loves it. He's a bright little guy who needs LOTS of structure. I thought I would unschool but he had other plans. 
That is amazing! Thanks for sharing! 
What a pain with the expired id card!   The zofran is kind of working today. I am not vomiting, but I feel like I will every time I move. But I am keeping what I can stand to eat down, so it is a big improvement. 
After four days straight of keeping absolutely nothing down, I am on Zofran.  It was not the route I wanted to go, but I was totally dehydrated and had lost almost 10lbs in less than two weeks. Glad to be feeling better, though. I've had two meals stay down today.        
I had a homebirth with number two and will again with this babe. I birthed with a midwife and that is the plan again- last time a wonderful CPM, this time a CNM (insurance here covers the CNM and not CPM's) but she seems wonderful.    I may end up unassisted, though it is not my plan. My last labor was barely two hours from my first "Was that a contraction or indigestion?" contraction to holding my dd in my arms. We are hoping for the midwife to make it, but trying...
Ugh. I have thrown up EVERYTHING I have eaten today. Thankfully, most of the liquid is staying down.    I am flying, alone on a five hour flight with my two kids in a week. I am not looking forward to it at all. I cannot imagine trying to control my vomiting and my kids for that long in such a small space. 
I have heartburn, too. Between throwing up. This pregnancy is kicking my behind! I had to take TWO naps to make it through cooking Thanksgiving dinner. And I sighed with relief when our guests walked out the door because I was glad I could lay down on the sofa in my pj's.    Stegenrae, have you tried taking liquid calcium instead of tums? It works a bit better for me.    Good luck to those looking for care providers. I was lucky to have met two great midwives......
So I am not the only one already having to squeeze into their "normal" clothes! I am down to one pair of pants that fits comfortably and I look like i have a beer gut. I know that it happens earlier with each baby, but this feels ridiculous! I am going to have to start looking for maternity clothes. I wanted to try to make it through the winter in my own clothes, but that is not going to happen. I don't have any from my other two pregnancies. We said we were done and I...
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