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 Please help me come up with new menu planning ideas that are free of:gluten, soy, dairy, citrus, peanuts, almonds, shellfish, beef, pork & pears. I am in SUCH a cooking rut and I need help. My kids are starting to refuse to eat the four meals I rotate in and out all too often and my two year old said "Mama, you needs imagination. You imaginations quinoa. You needs new imaginations," while I was cooking dinner last night. (cute, but harsh, lol!)    Help? Any ideas? 
We are in TX and would like to participate :) 
My son starting escaping from the crib at about 17 months.. so we got a toddler bed then. I wish I could have kept him in there longer. He gets up and does things he shouldn't. He broke a toilet tank lid once and I cut my leg on the shards and needed 14 stitches. At least it was me and not him... but I really worry about him at night time. 
Thank you. It's so true. I am sure to outsiders we look like we're ignoring his behaviors. But that couldn't be further from the truth. It's just that nothing we've tried has worked yet. It's not as if I like having bite marks all over me and scratch marks all over my daughter. Or having to cut off all my hair so he'll stop pulling it. We try our hardest and we want him to learn this lesson. It's just happening REALLY slowly for us.   
I have a really aggressive kid on the spectrum. And it is really hard. We avoid settings that are most likely to set him off. but frankly, he can be violent in most settings. We've tried meds, which helped. but gave him tremors. We will try again, but for now I try to stay close when he's with other kids and avoid loud places. It's hard. We' ve lost friends over it. But we ARE trying our hardest to do everything we can. He goes to multiple therapies. His behavior has...
Our developmental ped did the ADOS for us.... maybe call around to a few in your area? Or is there an autism center in your community? 
I am a wedding photographer and I have been to soooo many weddings. More often than not, the kids are the highlight of the party. Go, show off your little cuties, enjoy your brother's wedding and make your husband deal with any outbursts during important moments (ceremony, speeches, first dance etc) I bet you will have way more fun than you think. 
I don't know how to say this without it sounding all wrong. I am a Christian and I live near you. I'm not the typical Christian for this area, I am a  more left leaning politically, focus on love, focus on service kind of Christian. With how a lot of the churches and attached schools are here, I am not sure I would want MY child to attend a Christian school in the area. We're homeschoolers so it's not an issue, but a lot of the Christian culture here is very strict, very...
I can sympathize, a bit. I live far from family and friends and have a hard time making friends because my son's special needs (asperger's, spd, adhd) and violent meltdowns make it hard to mesh with the other mommies. I don't have great advise or anything, just sympathy because it's really hard when your life is stressful and you don't have friends to fall back on.   (also, I did not mean to click the "I think this post is great" button. I don't think it's great that...
My kids are close in age and almost always together. I am not worried about it (except when they fight!) I think it is great that they have a built in playmate at home. 
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