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Is there a reason that all of a sudden my seven month old is screaming whenever there is not a nipple in his mouth? Is there a growth spurt around this age? I'm at a loss. I'm letting him nurse, but it's hard to get anything done!
The graphs that show the way the government displays how much vaccines "got rid of diseases" over a sort span and then the charts that show the years before and how it was on a natural decline anyway? Please and thank you
[QUOTE=UltimateSerj;9644050] now there is also stretching the nipple while latched on to look around its not the same as biting but its isn't nice either then i usually unlatch them and let them look around my nipples can stretch pretty far now tho LOL. nursing a toddler is even more fun when they start nursing gymnastic That's what he's doing. He's stretching them very far. We dealt with bighting a few weeks ago and that was easier than this! He seems to want to...
So he didn't want to nurse when I offered it again. I don't want to discourage nursing... just harming my nipples. Sigh.
So I just tried the "That hurts mommy" approach. Not so much. He thought it was funny and did it more. : I am now keeping boobie away from him for a minute. We'll see if it works.
Quote: Originally Posted by doudat I think it's the age... Romi has taken to taking handful of my boobs and pinching them. Painful. And I can tell she gets really short-fused with nursing. no more nak'ing for me. I need to be completely concentrated on her. And no talking! Know what's sad? Keagan is so used to me nursing at the computer that he gets kind of fussy anywhere else He will occasionally grab my nipple like that too- usually when I am...
Has anyone who's nursing had any issues with their kiddos sucking too hard/pulling their nipples? Keagan is on this kick where he sucks as hard as he can and turns his head as he nurses and oh my goodness does it hurt! Any ideas on how to get him to stop?
That will hold true to an extent with our family. DS did get some vaxes until four months. He won't get any more vaccines and neither will any future childen.
Quote: Originally Posted by artgoddess A canister of tennis balls. My sons first Christmas at 11.5 months old and his favorite gift. You can dump the balls out you can put them back in, you can roll or throw the balls. you can take the cap off, use it as a frisbee, put the cap back on. You can make different sounds when you hold the empty canister up to your mouth. It was the greatest multi purpose toy ever. That is a great idea.
My whole pregnancy was hard on me, right up through delivery and afterward. At 30 weeks, I went into pre-term labor. It happened again at 32 and 33 weeks. When they took me off bed rest, I was sure I'd go into labor soon as I was having painful contractions every few minutes from the day I was allowed to move around again. I held on till right near my due date though. On the 10th of April I was having quite a few contractions. They slowed down though and I was able...
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