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Congrats, she is gorgeous!
Welcome little Ruby!
Your baby is beautiful.  I am so glad you got just the care you needed.
Congratulations Mama!  I am glad you are at peace with everything.  Rest and heal well!
Congrats on your girl! Also glad for you that you made it to the hospital in time.
Congratulations! How amazing you grew such big healthy girls! I hope you heal really well!  Love the picture!
Honey that sounds like it was so scary, I am so sorry you had to go through all that.  I am so grateful everything is ok with the baby.  
Ok, I haven't earned the right to join the club yet, so I won't start posting regularly or anything.  I just want to let you know I really feel for you Mamas, I went to 42 weeks with my DD and won't be surprised if I go postdates again this time.   I kind of wanted to chime in on the castor oil though, I did it last time when I was like 41 weeks 4 days and it did not work for me.  What it DID do was lower my fluid count pretty significantly, even though I had done my...
Congratulations!  He is gorgeous!
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