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Congrats!  He is precious!
Congratulations!  I too, love the name!
Sounds intense!  Congratulations on your baby girl!
Just kind of adding on to what Carrie said, time helps a lot of things as a Mom.  As your son gets older you will realize things you were having freak out sessions about when you were pregnant and when he was a baby are just "drop in a bucket" issues.  Once you start to get knowing a lot of others Moms and hear bits and pieces of their birth stories, I feel pretty confident you will start to feel pretty normal in your reaction to labor pains.  And feel pretty abnormal...
There were a lot of things you said in your birth story that kind of reminded me of my own, even though mine was in the hospital and was an induction.  I really hope with time you start to feel that disappointment fade away.  You are entitled to feel how you feel but when I read your story I can feel how strong you were.  Honestly, I have met plenty of people who have done hypnobirthing/hypnobabies that had a very similar experience, helped them keep their composure in...
Congratulations!  Sorry for the scary transfer, glad he is here safe!
DD EDD was July 2nd, came on July 16th (42 weeks) after pitocin induction.  Although I had started to go into labor so she probably would have been born around that time anyway.  I had no idea what my dates were.    I have been really fighting the urge to become impatient.  I started this pregnancy in the mindset that baby was going to come at 42 weeks and was ok with that but now that I am in the "safe window" it is so hard to be patient.  It wasn't like this with...
We have the munchkin one, I used with DD, it was great.  I would put about 1/2 inch of water in the bottom, a squirt of Kissaluv's Diaper Lotion potion and then put the wipes in there.  If the water didn't soak through all the wipes I would just add a bit more on top.  For wipes, the best thing for me were just pieces of cut up old white undershirts!  Very soft and thin, I could fit a bunch in there.  Every few of those I would have more of a "washcloth" type wipe, for...
Welcome.  I was induced at 42 weeks with my DD (and had to fight to get that much time) so I really understand the feeling! Hoping your baby chooses to make an appearance soon.
Thank you for sharing your story.  I'm glad you had access to the right care you and your DD needed.  I'm sorry for the stress it brought you and your family.  I agree with everything italiamom said too. Congratulations on your baby girl!
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